Dave’s Landscape Mulch Operation(s)

Still need mulch?
At Dave’s Landscape we mulch in the spring, summer and into the fall if the customer desires.

We first pull weeds, rake the area flat and blow out the beds, sometimes using Roundup if needed. This ensures that the mulch has a nice clean weed free surface to be applied to.

After everything is weeded we cut a nice edge in. We like our edges to be straight and about 4” deep. Sometimes we need to enlarge beds when plants and trees outgrow their space.

After everything is prepared it is time to blow with one of our two bark blowers reaching up to 200 feet away. “Preen” a pre-emergent is then applied over the mulch, this helps with keeping the weeds in check.

Here is “Big Al” that started with Dave 20 years ago.

This is an example of Dave’s Landscape’s finished product!

We can also create new beds, reduce turf and add plants adding beauty while reducing water usage and maintenance costs. Give us a call for a free estimate!