End-Of- Summer Yard Clean Up Tips

Summer is coming to an end, and it’s only right to start thinking about getting your yard ready for the winter months ahead. Cleaning up the yard at the end of summer is essential; It helps to keep it healthy, decluttered, and good-looking. In this post, you will learn 5 practical end-of-summer clean up tips that will get your yard ready for winter.

5 Yard Clean Up Tips For Summer End

Here are some great tricks for end-of-summer yard clean-up:

Clean the Debris, Leaves, and Fallen Branches

As you prepare your yard for the new season ahead remember to clear out the debris first before any other thing. Your main focus should be to remove all fallen leaves and branches.  Clearing your yard of debris is a necessary step because it helps to prevent damage to plants and flowers. Dead leaves and branches prevent plants and flowers from getting the sunlight and also nutrients they need to survive. Besides, if you leave them to rot, they can also build a breeding space for diseases and pests that can spread all over the yard.

Mow the Lawn before Summer Is Over

Your lawn can be protected from the cold weather and snow molds during winter when you mow it one last time before the summer ends. Snow molds happen when snow melts and creates a wet environment for mold to grow, which makes it difficult for areas with snowy winters. Start by removing the upper layer of the grass; this can help in the prevention of the growth of molds and fungi.

Cut the overgrowth

Overgrown bushes and plants can become heavy with snow and ice, which can cause them to break. So, cut the bushes, as this will keep the yard tidy and prevent the damage they may cause during the freezing weather. Trimming overgrown plants and long branches is equally essential because overgrowths have the tendency to break during winter.  And using the correct tools to trim, you can ensure that your plants stay healthy and look good when winter arrives.

Clean and Store Garden Tools

Garden tools should be cleaned and stored well to help extend their lifespan. Remove dirt and debris from the blades and handles. When storing your tools, choose a dry and sheltered location. Make sure the tools are stored in a place and way they can’t touch each other to prevent damage to the blades and handles.

Consider Applying Fertilizers to The Soil

Fertilizers and yard wastes should be added to the soil to prepare nutrient-rich soil for winter. Applying fertilizers will make your plants thrive and make the yard stay healthy throughout the winter months. But most importantly, choose the right fertilizer and adhere to the instructions.

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Taking care of your yard at the end of summer can help ensure that they are healthy when winter comes. In a nutshell, caring for your yard is a task that has a lot of advantages, from improving the appearance of your property to boosting your health and helping the environment. The contractors at Dave’s Landscaping are experts at helping homeowners declutter and clean various parts of their homes. You can trust them to help you clean your yard ahead of the coming winter. Contact us today to keep your yard in the best shape!