Fall Clean-Up (FCU)

We are almost done with our fall clean-ups: This year we ran (4) crews consisting of (8) vehicles and (16) men and women. Although we are not done, we are anticipating finishing up around this Saturday, December 7th.
We understand that nature can be tricky and forecasting leaf drop can be an art at best. If you think you need another pass for before the holidays than give us a call at 978-562-9591.

FCU - 1st Pass

Some reasons for having a proper fall clean-up:
Long (un-cut) turf is a breeding ground for snow mold – we at Dave’s “final-cut” at 2.5 inches reducing the molds impact

Under wet “matted” leaves is another breeding ground, don’t waste a whole summers worth of work on your lawn to be destroyed by some left over leaves

Excess nitrogen, too much fertilizer will help mold grow. At Dave’s we promote a balanced fertilizer program that reduces damage to your lawn as well as the environment

Here are some pictures from this fall: