Garden detail

Classic Care: The Next Level of Service

Classic Care is an exciting, new level of gardening service available to all of our landscaping clients.  We strive to provide excellent quality and service on our regular maintenance items such as clean ups, mulching, pruning and mowing, but for some of our clients, that it is just not quite enough.  The mowing crews frequently visit your home but just cannot spend enough time to pay attention to the details beyond the lawn. From this, our Classic Care concept was born.

Our staff will do the little things that make a house a home and allow you and your family to enjoy a highly manicured outdoor living space all season long.  Some of these services could include:

  • Installing and maintaining flowers in beds, pots and window boxes
  • Install theme gardens such as butterfly, herb or cottage gardens
  • Changing out annuals, mums and bulbs when needed
  • Developing a weed management program for your beds
  • Managing your irrigation system by making adjustments and minor repairs.
  • Transplanting and dividing perennials; dead heading old blossoms as needed
  • Special event preparation for weddings, graduations, and special parties
  • Weekly communication with our knowledgeable staff
  • Selective minor pruning and pest inspections of your shrubbery
  • Pond plantings and maintenance
  • Vegetable garden planting and maintenance
  • Certified organic gardening

Consider hiring our classic care staff to help you make your yard and gardens look the best they can.  Our goal is to pamper your landscape, which will give you more time to pamper yourself.

Let Dave’s Landscape Management Company set up a plan and schedule which is specific to your property.  This may be once, twice, or four times a month and range from one to four hours per visit.  We will communicate with you weekly via manager visitation reports, e-mail or telephone, depending on your preference, to ensure your needs are met.  The hourly rate for this service is $46 per person hour plus the cost of materials.

We are excited to offer this new level of service to our customers and would love to hear your thoughts on how we can further develop our Classic Care concept to best suit your needs.

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