Irrigation & Landscape Lighting

Irrigation Services & Landscape Lighting in Hudson, MA

Most of the natural components of your home’s landscape will need some amount of water on a regular basis in order to keep them healthy and thriving. In the case of your lawn, it needs about a foot of water every week to accomplish this. Especially with weather conditions as unforgiving and chaotic as New England’s are, this amount of rainfall doesn’t always occur! With infrequent and inconsistent rain conditions across the region, it’s important to ensure that all of your landscape elements get the appropriate amount of water in order to thrive. With the irrigation installation and maintenance services from Dave’s Landscape, you’ll never have to worry about your landscape receiving inadequate watering! We work with some of the most advanced and trustworthy irrigation component manufacturers in the country, including two of the global industry leaders with almost a century’s worth of excellent service – Rain Bird and Hunter! These underground irrigation systems are built for both maximum efficiency and convenience. They have rain sensors and remote water shut-off valves for easy convenience, time savings, and water conservation. In the case of Rain Bird, their irrigation systems can even adjust themselves to the current weather conditions! With advanced irrigation systems like these, your landscape will always have what it needs to thrive.

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What Is Your Irrigation Service Schedule?

During the spring months, we’ll come to your place on schedule to test your irrigation system to ensure proper functionality throughout the spring. We’ll re-inspect these systems during the summer to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the summer and fall. Once the fall months come, we’ll close the system for the winter and ensure that none of the components freeze over the coldest months. We’ll be happy to meet with you to come up with a personalized plan to ensure your landscape is at its healthiest.

Your landscape shouldn’t just look good during the day! The proper landscape lighting will ensure that your landscape looks like a paradise 24/7. It creates a peaceful and inviting ambiance that makes your landscape a lovely place to be in at night, and it can even help elevate your home’s property value if you’re looking to sell. These aren’t the only perks that the proper landscape lighting can provide your property! Illuminating your property also keeps you safe from tripping hazards and security threats. Intruders won’t go near your property if they’re more likely to be seen!

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