Trust your lawn with the certified experts

Preserving the value of your property through expert maintenance is as important as good planning and construction.

Your Landscape is probably your largest uninsured asset. Keep your valuable trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and lawn at their healthiest and looking their best.

Front yard of brick home with mulch, shrubs and trees

Our lawn care services, led by our own skilled team of experts, include:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Pruning and Mulching
  • Spring and Fall Cleanups
  • Fertilization Programs
  • Classic Care Gardening

Lawn Mowing Services in Hudson, MA

Suburban America loves their lawns. Turf is the most common and dominant element in most landscapes in our suburban area so it’s important that it looks its best. Our mow crews are highly trained with an eye for detail to give you that Fenway look when you pull into your driveway.

Our routing is done geographically to minimize drive time, and, our fleet of mow equipment has begun to switch over to propane fuel. Propane is a clean burning fuel that emits water instead of carbon monoxide thus reducing our carbon footprint & helping to make your lawn green in more ways than one. Turf is one of the best plants to clean the air & keep it cool as well.

Whether your turf is purely aesthetic, the neighborhood soccer field or town’s sports turf, we can keep it looking great.

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Pruning and Mulching In Hudson, MA

Knowledge of how a particular species grows and reacts to pruning is essential to promoting good health and structure. Skill is required to make the pruning cuts properly.

We strongly recommend that you hire a qualified professional to prune your trees and plants in a way that will ensure proper healing and life long health.

Dave’s Landscape has a Mass. Certified Arborist on staff to ensure a proper & professional job.

Mulching provides a great way to finish any yard. In addition to the pleasing smell of fresh mulch, mulch also helps prevent weed germination; it aids in moisture retention & insulates the soil as the plant hardens off for winter.

After prepping the beds by edging & weeding, we typically use our mulch blowers to install the mulch in an even & consistent way to create a beautiful appearance.

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Spring and Fall Cleanups

Spring clean ups usually happen in April before the turf starts it’s growing season. Removing all the winter debris & road sand, those leaves that tend to hang on all winter & a good dethatching will spruce up your yard for the summer. Aeration is a great cultural practice to do in the spring as well as it opens up the soil to allow oxygen, water, & fertilizer to enter the root zone & helps to alleviate compaction and thatch build up.

Fall clean ups include removing all the leaves from the turf & beds & mowing the grass a little shorter for the winter. Leaf removal will help prevent the turf from matting over, suffocating & being prone to disease. Leaf litter is a real nuisance all winter as well. Rest assured that those leaves will be put to good use as all of our yard waste is composted at our facility & mixed in w/ soil for a nice rich loam.

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Fertilization Program

Every healthy tree, shrub, or lawn is supported by consistent fertilization combined with insect and weed control programs. We use Integrated Pest Managment practices to identify and treat your landscape problems and apply only what is needed within environmental safeguards.

If organics are preferred we can taylor programs that are free of inorganic compounds. All applicators are licensed by the state and use only chemicals.that are regulated by the EPA to help keep our environment safe.

Our fertilizer programs include:

  • Lawn fertilizer
  • Weed control
  • Insect & disease control
  • Grub control
  • Lime
  • Flea & Tick control
  • Organic programs available as well

Ornamental trees and shubs benefit from fertilization and insect and disease control. We offer full programs consisting of deep root fertilization and dormant oils as well as insect and disease controls to help your plants grow and flourish for years to come.

Classic Care

Our classic care crew, (aka the flower ladies) will provide the fine details and finishing touches to polish off your yard. Our trained staff will consult with you to design a bed of annuals, perennials, mums & bulbs to suit your taste, site and budget. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we can weeddead head, and fertilize to keep your garden looking great all season.

Perennials add seasonal color and texture to the landscape either as components of indiviual gardens or in combination with trees and shrubs.

Extensive knowledge of perennials, annuals, and bulbs has enhanced many of our landscape installations. As in this sample shown here, we have developed a series of gardens that can be installed quickly and economically.

Imagine a weed patch or barren stretch of ground one day and a beautifully planned and planted garden the next.

See also Dave’s Landscape’s planting services.

Helping You Stay Winter Ready

With 30 years experience in the snow plowing and removal business, Dave’s Landscaping can handle both large & small snow plowing jobs. Whether it’s a residential driveway, a home-owners association, or a commercial parking lot, we have the resources to get the job done right.