Do’s & Dont’s Of Winter Landscape Maintenance

Out of all of the seasons that you’ll be maintaining your landscape during, winter is easily the most difficult! The elements during these months are more unforgiving than anything you’ll experience during the rest of the year, so making sure that you have the appropriate care measures in place is crucial to keeping your landscape looking fresh. There are plenty of things that you can do to help ensure its good health, but there are also some processes that could have some long-lasting negative effects! We’ll show you what to do to maintain your winter landscape below!

Do: Water Your Plants & Shrubs

Winter is one of the two seasons where rainfall and water aren’t always plentiful! In order to ensure that your plants and shrubs stay hydrated throughout the season, you should continue to water them. A useful alternative you can employ is to install an underground irrigation system. These systems help ensure that your plants and shrubs get the appropriate amount of water – not more or less!

Don’t: Walk On Your Lawn When Frozen

Winter isn’t just a time of heavy snowfall! Especially in New England, it can be a time when temperatures lower to brutal extremes. Have you noticed that your lawn looks frozen without any period of snowfall? It’s not a good idea to walk on it! Doing so can actually cause harm to each blade you step on. It affects their ability to grow back after the lawn thaws, and can leave discolored marks throughout.

Do: Protect Against Road Salt

Making sure the roads are de-iced is crucial for car travel, but road salt can actually be harmful to a landscape if it gets too close! If you apply road salt to your walkways and driveways, make sure that you take care to keep them away from your landscape. Adding a bit of protective netting around the concrete can help keep away pieces that could infiltrate your lawn.

Don’t: Fertilize

Since you fertilize your lawn and plants during the other three seasons of the year, you may get the idea of trying to do so during the winter. However, this is something you should absolutely NOT do! Fertilizing your lawn during the winter can accidentally trigger a growth period during a season when your greenery should remain dormant. Failure to adhere to this can actually kill off any new growth!

Landscape Maintenance All Year Long With Dave’s Landscape

Especially in a climate as volatile as New England’s, keeping your landscape healthy throughout the year can be a tough task. The landscaping professionals at Dave’s Landscape know exactly what to do to keep your landscape looking fresh all year long! We can install and maintain a variety of natural elements to transform the area around your home into a luscious paradise. Contact us today to give your landscape a much-needed refresh!