Devitt Yard Driveway, Walkway and Pond

This property was feeling pretty tired for a long time now. It had beautiful gardens that were kept up well, however the bones of the property needed major renovation. The house faced perpendicular to the road so you cannot see the front of the house from the road. There was nothing inviting you into the property. On the heels of a major interior renovation the landscape project began. A new high end garage door was the first thing you see from the road. We complemented that by adding a cobblestone bordered crushed bluestone stone driveway and parking area with a cobblestone apron at both the road and garage ends. The garage apron functioned as a drainage well also, to eliminate the puddle entering the garage.

Once we were invited into the property through the driveway, we needed to be drawn to the front door and eventually the back yard. The Arbor and fence section along with an antique brick walk make that invitation. The adjacent gardens soften the approach with beautiful color and texture. After the more formal front walk takes you to the front door, you may be intrigued to see where the stepping stone path takes you. It leads you along to the end of the house and opens up to a beautiful bluestone patio with table, chairs & seating for several, to enjoy the koi pond. You can enter this enchanted garden by following the stone path and sitting on the large boulders. Enjoy the sounds of the waterfalls, watching the fish, dragonflies and birds enjoy the pond. Have a strawberry or some blueberries as you appreciate the aroma and beauty of various flowering perennials, annuals and shrubs. Many mature plants were relocated to make room for the house addition, patio and pond. One was a 20’ tall umbrella pine which is spectacular. These plants made it look as if the pond and patio were always there.

On your way out, you may follow another fieldstone path through the woodsy garden behind the house, stopping along the way at a small table with 2 chairs on an antique brick patio. Eventually, you emerge back the driveway, fully refreshed from your enchanted garden tour.

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