Mike Kelly Stonemakers

The Kelley Residence was in dire need of renovation. The driveway walls were leaning over, the shrubs were very overgrown, the driveway was not large enough for the number of cars they had and the drain was no longer functioning and flooded the garage in heavy rain. The lawn was all weeds and the yard felt too exposed. The clients wanted a complete makeover to solve their immediate issues and create a yard they could be proud of and enjoy with their grandchildren.

We started with the tree crew by removing and pruning trees to allow enough sunlight for the lawn and create more light inside the house. The large, overgrown foundation planting, while much too big in front of the house, made for two great screening islands to create privacy, define the yard and soften the three car parking area. The driveway retaining walls were moved out for a little more space and replaced with Stone Maker walls. This was a functional solution that looked nice yet was a substantial saving verse a stone wall. The driveway drain was replaced, the parking area expanded to accommodate their vehicles and it was completely re-paved.

We replaced the deteriorating steps with granite, the walkway with pavers and installed a granite lamp post. The foundation planting on three sides of the house was chosen to provide a variety of flower color, foliage color and texture and bloom sequence while keeping growth habit in mind for minimal maintenance. The soil was depleted so we stripped off the old turf and cultivated it before top dressing with 2” of a rich 50 – 50 loam compost mix of fresh soil. An irrigation system ensured efficient watering, with matched precipitation rates for the lawn and drip zones for the plantings. Complete maintenance services ensure the project will continue to thrive.

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