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Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance in Sudbury, MA

If you’ve ever tried to create your own landscape from scratch, you may have learned early on that it’s a lot tougher than it sounds! Creating a landscape that enhances your property’s appearance takes time, effort, dedication, and the appropriate amount of planning. With a steady job and other responsibilities piling up on your plate, you should know that landscaping maintenance and design aren’t tasks you have to work through alone. The right landscaping contractor will help to turn your property’s landscape into a beautiful work of art you’ll be proud to live on. There’s a reason why Dave’s Landscape has been around for decades: we’ve provided flawless landscaping and maintenance work to Sudbury homeowners!

Front yard of brick home with mulch, shrubs and trees

Our lawn care services, led by our own skilled team of experts, include:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Pruning and Mulching
  • Spring and Fall Cleanups
  • Fertilization Programs
  • Classic Care Gardening

Landscape Design & Installation in Sudbury, MA

Think of a home’s landscape like you would snowflakes falling on a winter day; no two are alike! Every property has different challenges and advantages to exploit. However, taking advantage of your landscape design is easier said than done! As we previously mentioned, proper planning for landscape design and installation is the most crucial part of the process – and one that we dedicate the appropriate time and attention to! Simply give us your wishlist of items to add and the goals you want to achieve, and we’ll turn them into comprehensive landscape plans that we’ll enact to perfection. By the time we’re done installing everything, you’ll have a landscape that you can truly be proud of. 

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Irrigation Services & Landscape Lighting in Sudbury, MA

The key for any landscape in Sudbury to thrive is for it to get the appropriate amount of water on a regular basis. If there’s anything that New England is known for, it’s the chaotic weather patterns throughout the year – so regular watering isn’t always guaranteed! To counteract the issue and ensure that all of your landscape elements get the care and attention they need to thrive, our team can install underground irrigation systems that regulate the amount of water they get. No matter how dry the seasons are, you’ll never have to worry about your landscape getting enough water! Your landscape shouldn’t just be enjoyable during the day, either! Not only can the appropriate lighting help to make it an inviting nighttime space, but it can even heighten your security as well! Dave’s Landscape can install new lighting systems that help your property take advantage of these traits.

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Home Exterior Repair Services in Sudbury, MA

The many elements that make up your home’s exterior aren’t just designed to boost property value! They provide valuable protection from inclement weather conditions, water damage, and even frigid winter temperatures! If your roofing, windows, or gutter systems are compromised, its important to get them repaired quickly to ensure that your home’s defenses never falter. Dave’s Landscaping provides these repair services to Sudbury homeowners to help prevent the worst-case scenario!

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Helping You Stay Winter Ready

With 30 years experience in the snow plowing and removal business, Dave’s Landscaping can handle both large & small snow plowing jobs. Whether it’s a residential driveway, a home-owners association, or a commercial parking lot, we have the resources to get the job done right.