What Hardscapes Add The Most Value?

Appearance means everything when it comes to your property! Not only does it give your guests a sneak peek of what to expect, but it can also add inviting spaces to hang out and relax when temperatures get hot. If you’re tired of having just a standard lawn, there are plenty of ways that you can diversify your landscape’s appearance. All of them have to do with the installation of hardscapes, which are any component of your landscape that doesn’t involve greenery, plants, or shrubs. Regardless of whether you’re planning to resell your property or stay for the long term, you should know which hardscape elements add the most property value. Below, we’ll discuss the most significant additions you can make!

Patios & Decks

The hardscape elements that add the most value to your property are also the ones that accomplish the most. The elements you install should be multi-purpose and able to cater to a variety of expectations. No hardscape elements accomplish this better than patios and decks! They create an inviting outdoor space and serve as a hosting location for a variety of fun outdoor events. Whether you want to have a cookout, talk amongst your friends, or any other type of celebration, a patio or deck adds the perfect place for it. It’s also a quality that prospective owners look for, allowing you to command a higher asking price on the market.


If your landscape is just a big lawn with plants and shrubbery, you should be thinking of ways to break up the space with interesting additions. Walkways clearly outline a path for you to get from point A to point B! If you have a driveway, a walkway connecting it to your backyard can make for a smooth transition between sides of the home. Walkways are also safer than normal grass – you don’t want to accidentally step on a small animal or bug! They add more color, depth, and form to your landscape – all features that go hand in hand with property value.

Outdoor Pools

No matter if it’s an above-ground pool or underground pool, installing one of these is a foolproof investment. Especially if you live in an area that gets scorching hot during the summer, an outdoor pool can help you cool off without having to commute to a public pool. Prospective homeowners will look for unique features like this when touring properties. Installing a pool will give you a more diverse pool of prospective homebuyers to choose from. The more demand there is for your property, the more you’ll be able to ask for it on the real estate market!

Install Hardscapes With Dave’s Landscape

The landscape contractors you choose to install your new hardscapes will make or break your property’s appearance. Naturally, you should go with the contractors who have proven to deliver the best results consistently. Not only has Dave’s Landscape provided this quality to northern Massachusetts for several decades, but we can make a remarkable difference in your property’s appearance with our work! If any of the above hardscapes interest you, you can turn your dreams into reality with us. Contact us today to learn more about our options!